Hey Hi Hello!!

Hi everyone! My name is Christa, and welcome to my (new!) blog about my adventures cooking in a dorm room kitchen. I’ve always been really into cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, and when I went to college I was certain of one thing: I wanted to do better than dining hall food. From homemade pasta and microwaved vegan pancakes to the strange mold growing in my floor’s kitchen sink, I’m going to bring you guys along for all of it. Maybe it will be fun. Maybe it will be a flop. But it will definitely be interesting. But before we get to the good stuff, let me give you a little background on me.

Clearly, my name is Christa. I’m 18 years old and a rising sophomore at Columbia University in New York City. I’m originally from a pretty small town in Iowa, which is just about as different from ~the concrete jungle~ as you’d expect it to be. At school (like basically half of Columbia) I study economics. My career aspirations are about as nebulous as can be, but I’m a big believer in going with the flow so I’m not too stressed about that.

I’m a dancer, an avid coffee lover, and a (very) amateur photographer. I’m also known to get really invested in new ideas and inspirations- from learning everything about the physics of sailing to the Russian language, it was almost always a phase. But cooking has been one of the few things that’s somehow always kept my interest.

I’ve been vegetarian for about a year and recently have been exploring veganism as well. But recently I’ve decided to not label my diet and just eat what I want and what makes me feel good. I plan on sharing a variety of different content- some likely vegan, some likely not. Who knows, I might even venture into the world of meat again (but no hard-and-fast promises on that).

Hopefully you’ll enjoy spending time with me as I navigate both the culinary world and the college world, and how the heck to balance the two. But for now, thanks for reading. Thanks for spending some time with me. Stay tuned later this week for my first post!

xoxo, CC

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